CRT Roller Bearings and Linear Guideways

Cam Roller Technology uses PBC Linear precision straight rails and a multitude of different sliders and rails to provide high accuracy and high speed linear guidance in an economical solution. Cam followers or track rollers are rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseparable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft.

Cam Roller Technology is ideally suited for material handling, point-to-point, door frame guidance and automation applications. We also offer linear motion solutions for high load transfer and compact, low profile applications. To meet the needs of our customers, PBC Linear offers numerous modular components, linear guides.

Redi-Rail & RR Low Profile Metric
Redi-Rail Linear Guide
standard / low profil

PBC Linear’s solution for high speed and moderate load linear motion. Redi-Rail® uses specifically designed cam roller sliders with our patented side adjustable pre-load option for quick fine-tuning and optimum application-fit.

CRT Commercial Rail Group
Commercial Rail Linear Guide Series

Roll formed rails made of zinc plated steel provide a low cost and corrosion resistant solution. Machined aluminum slider body with steel wheels comes with standard adjustable preload.

V-Guide Wheel & Rail
Wheel Roller Bearings, Rails & Bushings

V-Guide Components offer an excellent solution for linear applications ranging from very clean to the harshest environments. Industry standard V-Guide wheels and rails are a versatile linear motion solution.

HVB Group
Fixed Bearing, U-Channel Rail, Flange Plate

Hevi-Rail® is a heavy-duty linear bearing system that is cost effective for medium to low precision applications. The system is easy to mount, align, and use. High radial and axial load capacities ensure a long and productive life under continuous use.

PAC Group HardCrown
Hardened Crown Roller Bearings (PAC)

Pre-assembled rollers are self-aligning for easy installation. Roller bearings combined with rails in steel or powder coated finish are an inexpensive choice for long lasting linear motion.