GST Gliding Surface Technology

Mini-Rail Miniature Linear Guide / UniGuide™ Linear Slide System

Gliding Surface Technology adapts plain bearing design to create a simple, two-piece configuration of a rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface.  By utilizing plain bearing design, Gliding Surface Technology offers lower profiles, compact sizes, and smooth, quiet linear motion.  Available options and product capabilities provide unlimited design alternatives and configurations. PBC Linear manufactures Gliding Surface Technology to perform and to withstand harsh environments while offering additional advantages.

Mini-Rail Plain Rail System
Miniature Linear Guide

Based on SIMPLICITY® technology, the Mini-Rail plain rail system’s effective two design configurations (Precision and Compensated) allows for fast installation and provides outstanding performance in demanding linear motion applications.
The Compensated Series includes additional clearance to tolerate misalignment.

Linear Slide System

PBC Linear applied the proven SIMPLICITY® technology to a two-piece aluminum design to create the Uni-Guide™ and
Two-piece assembly facilitates quick and easy integration into new or existing systems.
Uni-Guide’s self lubricating Frelon® liner allows it to excel in the most demanding surroundings.

Mini-Rail / Uni-Guide™

Mini-Rail / Uni-Guide™ driven systems manual or motorized are available in custom lengths with a precision lead screw drive mechanism installed.