Linear motion solutions for

Laboratory & Medical Technology

Cost-Saving, High Performance Linear Motion Solutions

PBC Linear designs and manufactures linear motion components and complete XYZ systems ideal for bio-sample handling and lab automation applications. From simple to complex maintenance-free components, all the way to sophisticated Cartesian robotic and automation systems, PBC’s products ensure long-lasting operation, enhanced system performance, and lower total installed cost.

The focus is on:

Blood Analyzer / Rapid Diagnostic Testing

Precision X-Ray Imaging

Laser Positioning

Pick and Place Gantry Systems

PBC Linear Products for Laboratory & Medical Technology

RST Round Shaft Technology

Round shaft and bearings (RST) offer linear motion solutions for many medical applications, any place linear adjustment is needed, such as patient handling (surgical tables, chair lifts, etc.), scan heads, ceiling tracks for movable lights, and instrument adjustments.

This blood analyzer utilizes Simplicity® plain bearings because they are self-lubricating and do not require additional grease, which can cause contamination.

Compact Series Linear Guide System

The Compact Series Linear Guide System from PBC Linear is designed to provide smooth, accurate, and repeatable linear motion in tight spaces. The Compact Series boasts a low profile – 23 mm – standard system height making it an ideal solution for applications such as lab automation, medical, automated delivery systems, dispensing robotics, and electronic board manufacturing.

The self-lubricating FrelonGOLD® bearing liner, in the plain bearing option of the Compact Series, is ideal for environments where no grease or lubrication can be present.

Compact Series installed in an intricate well plate handler-providing accurate and reliable linear motion.

SIMO® Series

The SIMO® Series enables multiple application requirements to be met with a single platform. Flexible with a uniform geometry as a base with a large number of selectable options in the basic design, drive type and type of guide. The mix and match platform within the same design environment allows configurations to be easily and quickly adjusted.

Combine the SIMO Series bearing options to create the ideal multi-axis solution designed to fit the application.

Shown here:

  • X-axis: PRT with ball screw for precision, rigidity, and moment load capabilities
  • Y-axis: GST with lead screw for repeatability and smooth motion

Analyzers that are used in medical testing applications often require high accuracy in a small space with the benefits of choosing rail, bearing type, and drive options, the SIMO Series can be designed for these specific application requirements.

LST Lead Screw Technology

Precise, Self Lubricated, Compact
Anti-Backlash Lead Screw Nut Constant Force Technology is an intuitive leap forward in nut design for lead screw applications. The result is greater consistency in performance and life, and a greater resistance to backlash.

Lead Screw Precision for medical devices and laboratory automation
PBC Linear has emerged as a leader in advanced lead screw systems, providing higher quality screws with tighter tolerances, and a better overall product solution to the standard belt drives. We break these down into three main categories within the medical genre: precision, transport, and set-up applications. Each of these application categories has its own unique requirements to operate successfully in medical environments.

Application stories

Medical Diagnostics Solutions

Medical Diagnostics Solutions

When designing new medical diagnostic instruments, the ability to manufacture products along with the ease of assembly can be just as critical as performance.

UGA Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

PBC Linear’s solution for oil-free, smooth and quiet linear motion, the Low Profile Uni-Guide (UGA) maintains the proven advantages of the standard two-piece Uni-Guide in a simple, compact assembly.