Redi-Rail Linear Guide

standard / low profil

PBC Linear’s solution for high speed and moderate load linear motion. Redi-Rail® uses specifically designed cam roller sliders with our patented side adjustable pre-load option for quick fine-tuning and optimum application-fit.

The precision machined aluminum alloy rails are integrated with hardened steel races to ensure strength within a lightweight design.

RR Standard

Redi-Rail Linear Guide (metric) RR Rail and RRS Carriage

Redi-Rail® Metric Rails are precision machined for optimum accuracy and parallelism. An aluminum rail integrated with hardened steel races ensure a lightweight design without sacrificing strength. Redi-Rail Metric Rails are equipped with counter-bore mounting holes for quick installation over multiple orientations.

Redi-Rail Metric Carriages are an economical solution designed for precision linear guidance. The Redi-Rail product line has expanded to include a 4- and 5-roller carriage option, along with the traditional 3-roller carriage. This offers customers the potential for more design flexibility, higher load ratings, and substantial cost-savings.

RR Low Profil

Redi-Rail Low Profile Linear Guide (metric) - RRL34R Rail and RRL34C Carriage

Low Profile Redi-Rail® has a miniscule 19 mm profile and thrives in tight spaces where other linear guides cannot fit!

Composed of a lightweight aluminum anodized rail with hardened steel races for strength, Low-Profile Redi-Rail can handle relatively heavy loads up to 50 kg.