Linear Plain And Sleeve Bearings, Pillow Blocks, Round Shafts

Die Round Shaft Technologie utilizes precision round shafting as the guideway and linear plain bearings for movement. RST self-lubricating linear plain bearings come in a wide variety of configurations and offer solutions for a broad range of applications. Open bearings flanged bearings and pillow blocks offer a variety of mounting configurations.

RST PlainBearing Simplicity
Simplicity Lineargleitlager
metric / inch / JIS

Die RST (Round Shaft Technology) Produktreihe nutzt SIMPLICITY® Linear Plain Bearings.

Dünnwandige Gleitlager

Same construction as the Closed Linear Plain Bearing but in a more compact package. Designed to be interchangeable with compact ball bearings and bronze bushings.

Gleitlager mit Gehäuse
metric / inch

PBC Linear kombiniert eine Standard Simplicity® Linear Plain Bearing with a Self Aligning housing to create a Lagerblock.

Flansch Gleitlager
metric / JIS

Flansch Gleitlager offer the same great advantages of the SIMPLICITY® Linear Plain Bearings, incorporating a perpendicular flange for easy mounting.

metric / inch

Die SIMPLICITY® Gleitlagerbuchsen and put it into a smaller package. It’s compact size offers weight advantages.

Rollen Lagerblöcke
metric / inch

The Rollen Lagerblöcke provides key performance benefits such as high load capacities, high speeds,and design compatibility-providing size interchangeability with industry standard blocks.

Precision aluminum shaft, hard anodized
metric / inch

The Aluminiumwelle is the best solution for use with the SIMPLICITY® gliding bushings (FrelonGold).