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The Compact Series Linear Guide System from PBC Linear® is designed to provide smooth, accurate, and repeatable linear motion in tight spaces. The Compact Series boasts a low profile - 23 mm - standard system height making it an ideal solution for applications such as lab automation, medical, automated delivery systems, dispensing robotics, and electronic board manufacturing. 

Giding options

  • self-lubricating, maintenance free gliding system (GST) provides smooth and quiet operation 
  • ball circulating system (PRT) provides rigid performance and is ideal for applications that require high loads or precise positional accuracy

Drive options

Lead screw with multiple leads – with standard fixed or Constant Force™anti-backlash options. The self-lubricating polymer nuts and lead screws provide good rigidity, vibration damping and consistent performance.

Motor options

  • Integrated NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 stepper motors; single, double, or triple stack
  • motor mount option for attaching stepper, servo, or smart motor





Three Steps to Design It Your Way

STEP 1: Bearing System

What performance do I expect from the bearing system?

Plain Bearings
Ball Bearings
Step 2 Lead Screw & Nut

What lead screw best fits my application?

Compact Series Screw Diameters
Screw Diameters
Step 3: Motor & Drive Type

What motor and drive type do I need?

AC servo system  / integrated step motor
AC servo system  / integrated step motor