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SIMO® Series

The Simo® Series enables multiple application requirements to be met with a single platform. Flexible with a uniform geometry as a base with a large number of selectable options in the basic design, drive type and type of guide. The mix and match platform within the same design environment allows configurations to be easily and quickly adjusted.

Rail heights options:

Each aluminum base rail is uniquely qualified with the SIMO process (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation).

  • UGA low profile for tight spaces
  • UGT tall profile for greater structural integrity

Gliding options:

  • self-lubricating, maintenance free gliding system (GST) which are ideally suited for contaminated environments
  • V-wheel roller bearings (CRT) for high speed applications

Drive options:

  • Lead screw with multiple leads - with standard fixed or Constant ForceTM anti-backlash options. The self-lubricating polymer nuts and lead screws provide good rigidity, vibration damping, and consistent performance.
  • Belt drive - 2 versions are available
    • horizontal belt and motor mount for the UGT tall profile provides greater structural integrity for higher unsupported loads
    • vertical belt and motor mount for UGA low profile rail provides a compact economical belt driven solution

Motor options:

  • Integrated motor with welded lead screw - Integrated threaded spindle aligned to the motor and attached directly to it. Thus high accuracy and fewer fastening elements.
  • Motor mount options for attaching own motors.

SIMO® Series: Design ganz nach Ihren Wünschen

Step 1: Rail Heights

Do I need a low profile rail or a structural support rail?

Low Profile Rail UGA
Tall Rail UGT
Step 4: Motor

Which motor suits my needs?

STEP 2: Bearing Type

What performance do I expect from the bearing system?

GST Plain Bearings
CRT V-Guide Bearings
STEP 5: Accessories

How will I mount it?

Step 3: Drive

How will I drive it?