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Lead Screw Technology

The LST (Lead Screw Technology) family of PBC linear is the perfect union of precision lead screws, anti-backlash nuts, and world class NEMA motors.

Screws Nut Sets

The nuts are available in either Constant Force Technology or a standard nut, as well as a diverse group of diameters and leads. The patent pending Constant Force Lead Screw line from PBC Linear uses a method to apply uniform pressure to the nut at all stages of the motion profile. Compare this to a traditional anti-backlash nut which has a variable twisting force that can result in a loss of pressure on the nut...



Integrated Motor & Screws

PBC Linear lead screw motor products are designed based on the know-how technology of hybrid step motors, lead screw and nuts. The NEMA Series lead screw motors provide high torque, high precision, and high efficiency to fit the application needs of designers. The combination of lead screw motor styles, sizes, lead-screws and nuts, gives the freedom to use motors of different form factors to exactly fit in the application.