Linear Slide System


PBC Linear applied the proven SIMPLICITY® technology to a two-piece aluminum design to create the Uni-Guide™ Serie.
Two-piece assembly facilitates quick and easy integration into new or existing systems.
Uni-Guide’s self lubricating Frelon® liner allows it to excel in the most demanding surroundings.

Uni-Guide™ Linear Slide System reduces bulky part count with its two-piece assembly, simplifying integration into both new and existing applications. Accompanied by PBC Linear’s FrelonGOLD®liner, Uni-Guide facilitates smooth, maintenance-free travel throughout the life of the system. Designed to thrive in chal-lenging environments, Uni-Guide offers best-in-class linear motion performance.

The Low Profile Uni-Guide™ is a solution that maintains the proven advantages of the standard Uni-Guide in a simple, low cost and compact assembly. This two-piece assembly equipped with FrelonGOLD® liner creates a maintenance-free, smooth and quiet linear motion solution.

PBC Linear’s patent penting SIMO milling operation creates a precision-machined rail and carriage surface providing tight tolerances and alignment accuracy. The Low Profile Uni-Guide is available in both the precision and compensated series, allowing varying amount of running clearance to toler-ate misalignment for a given application.