aluminium rail ceramic coated

UGA Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide

A new solution for oil-free, smooth and quiet linear motion, the Low Profile Uni-Guide (UGA) maintains the proven advantages of the standard two-piece Uni-Guide in a simple, compact assembly. Optimal for contaminated environments and clean rooms. Rail and carriage excel in demanding extremes including a wide range of temperatures, heavy particulates, wash-down environments, and extreme vibrations.

  • Compact Design: UGA has a 24 mm height, low profile rail for tight spaces
  • Performance Advantage — FrelonGOLD® self-lubricating liner provides low wear, high load capacities and maintenance-free operation
  • No metal to metal contact for vibration damping, shock resistance, and eliminating the possibility of catastrophic failure
  • PBC Linear’s patent pending milling operation creates a precision machined rail and carriage surface resulting in tight tolerances and alignment accuracy
  • Wash Down Optimized — Angled rail design ensures optimum wash down and prevents buildup of particulates and chemicals
  • Product Interchangeable — Easy drop-in replacement 
  • Mounting Flexibility — pre-drilled tapped holes and t-slots provide mounting flexibility and ease of assembly
  • Splatter Proof — hard coat anodized rail prevents contaminants from sticking
  • Suitable for extremely short stroke applications
  • Three different carriage lengths: 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm
  • Internal Lubrication via Felt Wick
  • Hand Brake for Holding Position

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