Twin Roller Pillow Block

Doppelrollen lang

metric, inch

  • The Twin Roller Pillow Block load rating is the same as the Double Roller Pillow Block and it is an ideal choice when using only one Roller Pillow Block per shaft.  

    • Zoll- und metrische Größenoptionen 
    • Available in assorted bearing lengths and widths 
    • Maximum speed of ~8 m/s 
    • Available for shaft diameters from 0.5 in to 3.0 in 
    • Loads up to 12,500 lb (55,602 N) 
    • Self-aligning and adjustable 
    • Navigates joined shafts and rail assemblies with ease 
    • Accessories such as lubrication ports and scrapers available for ease of maintenance and maximum life

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