Hardened Crown Roller Bearings (PAC)

PBC Linear’s Hardened Crown Rollers are one of the least expensive bearing systems offered by PBC Linear and a superb choice for low-cost linear motion.

PAC Group HardCrown

Pre-assembled Rollers are self-aligning for easy installation. Roller bearings combined with rails in steel or powder coated finish are an inexpensive choice for long lasting linear motion. Hardened crown rollers are great for point-to-point applications, and ensure strong, sturdy and long-lasting linear motion.

  • Precision rolling element bearing with polymide 6/6 seals riding in a Cooper B-Line Series rail
  • 9/16″ Hex head for easier mounting
  • Available with either a 5/16-18 or M8 thread
  • Maximum wheel bearing load up to 1334 N (300 lbs.)
  • Maximum speed up to 762 mm/s
  • Rails available up to 3 m in steel or powder coated finish
  • Integral roller bearing with metric or inch threaded stud
  • Available angle mounting brackets & rail end stops
  • Angle Brackets (for welding to mounting rail)
  • End Stops
  • Machine Tool Doors and Guarding
  • Point To Point Material Transfer
  • Doors And Windows – Garage Doors
  • Many Other General Purpose Applications