Simple Design For Sophisticated Applications

Plain bearings are a fundamental component in most types of industrial equipment, enabling low-friction motion for operations such as positioning, transporting, and guiding loads. Plain bearings have a simple construction, making them easy to install, maintain, and replace when necessary. They also perform well in different orientations ( vertical/horizontal ) and offer excellent resistance to harsher environmental conditions.

  • Automation and robotization in agriculture
  • Battery electric and autonomous agricultural machine
  • Mechanical weed control
Packaging, Textile, Beverage

Packaging, Bottling, Food Processing

Maintenance-Free and Durable Assemblies and Components

PBC Linear offers a full selection of corrosion and chemical resistant linear motion components. GST rail and carriages provide consistent smooth performance in vision applications due to not having any metal-to-metal contact. The SIMO Series is ideal in bottling andfood service applications that requirerepeatable motion and involve variousload capacities.

  • Assembly Line Gripper
  • Vision, Sensors and Scanning
  • Food Packaging
  • Sanitary Environments
  • Bottling
APPLICATIONS Laboratory Medical

Laboratory & Medical

Cost-Saving, High Performance Linear Motion Solutions

PBC Linear designs and manufactures linear motion components and complete XYZ systems ideal for bio-sample handling and lab automation applications. From simple to complex maintenance-free components, all the way to sophisticated Cartesian robotic and automation systems, PBC’s products ensure long-lasting operation, enhanced system performance, and lower total installed cost.

  • Blood Analyzer / Rapid Diagnostic Testing
  • Precision X-Ray Imaging
  • Laser Positioning
  • Pick and Place Gantry Systems
Application Woodworking

Woodworking Industry

Oil-Free linear motion with smooth motion, will not catastrophically fail or damage shaft, Maintenance free operation

Woodworking requires bearings capable of withstanding heavy vibration and shock, while also standing up to the dirtiest of environments. Aligning CNC machines is painstaking process that drives up production costs and time.


  • Simplicity plain bearings withstand high vibration applications and function in the most extreme environments.
  • IVT reduces installation time and drive down costs by eliminating mounting components while still maintaing a highly accurate linear motion system.
APPLICATIONS Automationand Handling

Automation & Handling

Reliable, Accurate, and Consistent Motion Control
Components, sub-assemblies, and complete turnkey solutions in the Cam Roller Technology and Round Shaft Technology product lines reduce assembly parts, streamline design, and enhance process performance to provide customers the competitive advantage. PBC Linear offers numerous modular components, linear guides, and telescopic systems.

  • Kiosk
  • Assembly Line Gripper
  • Pick and Place
  • Part Transfer
  • Material Handling


Durable Design for Long Life in Tough Environments
Plain and roller bearing systems from PBC Linear handle the toughest contaminants for sustainable applications requiring high load capacities and vibration damping.

  • Ergonomic Seat Adjustment
  • Shock Absorption
  • Automotive Stamping
Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Lightweight and Versatile Linear Guides
Precision ground double-row bearing linear guides ensure long life and efficiency.
Products such as MiniRail, RediRail, and Low Profile RediRail provide low maintenance, easy installation, and are ergonomic, ultra-light aircraft consumable products.

  • Tray Tables
  • Arm Chairs
  • Pantry Drawers
  • Storage Compartments
  • Doors and Hatches