NEMA 8 with VCF

Lead Screw Assembly – NEMA 8 with VCF

The Lead Screw Assemblies from PBC Linear form the perfect union of precision lead screws, anti-backlash nuts, and world class NEMA motors.

PBC Linear’s partnership with Moons Industries has allowed for a combination of extremely reliable stepper motors and great lead screw technology. The result is a full line of Lead Screw Motors optimized for linear motion:

  • Permanently fixed screw & motor provides the most accurate alignment possible
  • 30% More Torque Available
  • Power Press Technology
  • Larger Bearings – Increased Thrust Capacity and Longer Life
  • Hollow Shaft Concentricity – Ensures Minimum Screw Runout
  • Preload on Bearings Eliminates Axial Play
  • Standard Mounting Provisions for Encoder Feedback

Optional “Smart Motor” Technology

  • 50% More Torque Can Dramatically Reduce Cycle Times
  • Integral Encoder 20,000 Line Resolution
  • Typical 65% Lower Operating Temp & Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Local Control and I/O can Simplify Wiring and Increase Cycle Times
  • Network Communications Supports Advanced Data Collection

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