Coating Process Gets Automation Upgrade

Pierce Coating Process
Linear Guides, Plain Bearings

Innovation is a strong component of Pierce Design & Tool. Founded by owner Frank Rementer, the company uses its experience and technical know-how to design and build machinery for clients requiring custom solutions. A prime example of this innovation is found in their working relationship with Huys, a Canadian company focused on industrial welding, joining, and coating.

Automation Challenges

Huys Industries needed to automate their Electro Spark Discharge (ESD) coating process, which is a micro-arc welding process that fuses material to a substrate. What had previously been accomplished manually would now need a low profile and sturdy gantry system to automatically move the coating heads into position. Additional parameters for the new machine included specific load, speed, and space constraints, as well as consistent application of the surface material. With those goals established, Pierce Design reached out to PBC Linear for the linear motion components.

Value-added product solutions

The Integral-V Technology (IVT) product line would provide the best option for the project. Specifically, the AAQ linear guide offers a low-profile, wider-base rail option for the gantry, giving ample support to the cross axis that holds the ESD heads. The combination of precision-machined aluminum rails and hardened stainless steel races deliver a reliable carriage-and-rail system to any application requiring lightweight components that do not sacrifice strength.

This high precision is achieved through our patented Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation (SIMO), which uses synchronized cutters to ensure dimensional and rail form accuracy. With standard rail lengths over 3.5 meters, and tight tolerances at .002” (.05 mm), the micro-arc welder design is assured consistent and reliable positioning.

Additional products include round rail and ball bearing pillow blocks, which serve as the linear motion on the cross-axis design. Here is where PBC Linear provides not only its products, but also its engineering expertise to help customers successfully complete their goals. In this case, our client needed oscillating motion to propel the ESD system back and forth along the cross-axis. Our application engineers were able to advise them by suggesting an old-school reciprocating linkage.

Further Results

The IVTAAQ low-profile rail and carriage system met all of the requirements for load and speed, while providing a space saving option. The 2-piece assembly eliminated the time-consuming and difficult task of having to align separate parallel round rails. In addition, IVTAAQ led to an increase in throughput and overall consistency of operation. The combination of high-quality products and engineering expertise has provided Pierce Design & Tool with a high-value partner in linear motion solutions.

As Owner Frank Rementer states, “I suggest leveraging the expertise of PBC Linear to not only select the right PBC products, but also offer input to the machine as a whole.”


Integral-V Technology
Factory Automation, Machine Tools
Needed to upgrade the coating process from manual to automated.
PBC Linear provided IVT product solutions and expert consultation for a complete solution.