The Benefits of Simplicity 60 PLUS Shafting

Linear Shafting

PBC Linear, working closely with engineers from LEE Linear, have formulated an inner race shaft designed specifically for all Simplicity® bearings. The LEE Linear company brings over 40 years of experience and one of the largest U.S based manufacturers for shafting. Together with PBC Linear, we have created the certified Simplicity 60-PLUS shafting that works in sync with the Simplicity bearing product line for optimal plain bearing performance. Advanced process capabilities maintain the optimal roundness, straightness, and ideal surface finish resulting in the longest life and highest performing shaft-to-bearing combination.

In this video, our PBC Linear representative discusses why matching the shafting, or inner raceway, to the bearing is critical to maximizing system performance.


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Smoother is not better

There is a myth surrounding shafting that smoother is better. Some suppliers tell you that a finish of 8 Ra or better is needed. This is simply not true. Don’t be misled by other shaft manufacturers, or settle for below average performance. Don’t believe the line that the smoothest shafting is the best for all situations. The truth is smoother shaft surface actually means decreased performance and shortened life.

The break-in process

Upon first installing Simplicity self-lubricating bearings, the Frelon material in the bearing experiences a break-in process. This is where small amounts of the PTFE-based liner are transferred to the surface of the shaft. In this process, a thin film of material is deposited into minute valleys or gaps in the shaft’s surface, creating a truly self-lubricating condition. No added grease or oils are required.

If the shaft is finished to less than 8 Ra, then the PTFE deposits have nowhere to settle, and end up falling away from the shaft. In this situation, the bearing liner continues to wastefully transfer material to the shaft’s surface, ending in premature liner wear and shortened bearing life.

Lessons learned

Only certified Simplicity 60 PLUS is design-matched to provide maximum performance with Simplicity self-lubricating bearings. Benefits include:

  • Optimized surface finish
  • Faster break-in and better Frelon transfer
  • Longest life possible for Simplicity bearings
  • Less downtime and maintenance
  • Consistent friction over lifetime

Flexible options

Simplicity shafting, support rails, and assemblies are available in steel, ceramic coated aluminum, or 440 stainless steel. Support rails are available in both tall and low profiles. Additionally, machining options can be applied to shafting orders.


Simplicity Plain bearings
Linear Shafting

Application strengths: Simplicity bearings are resistant to many adverse environmental factors, outperforming recirculating ball bearings under these tough conditions